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Cecil Rhodes  | Oxford  | UK

Rhodes was an imperialist, businessman and politician who played a dominant role the colonization of southern Africa in the late 19th Century. Both Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) were named after him. Rhodes colonial project in Africa was one of slavery, economic exploitation, expansionism and white supremacy. According to BBC he believed that "White people are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race". The protest movement Rhodes Must Fall was born on 9 March 2015, originally directed against a statue of Cecil Rhodes at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The protest was a call for the transformation of the university's curriculum, culture and faculty, which many blacks felt being alienating and reflecting a Eurocentric heritage. The campaign for the statue's removal received global attention and led to a wider movement to "decolonize" education across South Africa. In 2015, students at Cape Town university took down the statue. Five years later Rhodes Must Fall arrives in Oxford University where more than a thousand demonstrators gathered outside the university to call for the removal of Cecil Rhodes statue in the campus has it is considered an imposition to the commemoration of Rhodes colonial legacy rather than a critical engagement with it.

Will the removal of Oxford's Cecil Rhodes statue bring out into the open the university's institutional racism and have direct impact on Oxford's decolonization of education?