Who do we come to H(a)unt

Wanting or not we inherited statues, monuments and memorials that still stand today in our cities, commemorating colonial and imperial rulers, slave traders and other men responsible for the repression of peoples and communities around the globe. Today's toppling of statues is creating a huge movement against racism and other injustices, empowering minorities and re-shaping collective thinking. Nevertheless it shouldn't be an end but a beginning. In order to re-imagine our public spaces, interrupt hegemonic histories and demand justice we need to challenge this particular public art, build bridges between past and present, share stories, and engage together in reshaping our memories and our futures.

WHO DO WE COME TO H(A)UNT is an interactive art project that uses drawing to disrupt the memorial culture advertised by the aforementioned statues, monuments and memorials. Anybody from any geography can use this project as a healing site where alternative stories can be drawn and told and where old hegemonic histories can be re-customized. People from 21 countries have sent examples of statues, monuments and memorials that should be questioned on their actual representations and debated in terms of their future's. The artist Marcio Carvalho invites everybody from the four corners of the world to collaborate with him in this new art project. The idea is to create a pool of drawing-collaborations between the artist and audiences to critically engage in re-interpreting the histories behind those objects and to build a healing site where alternative stories can be shared.

WHO DO WE COME TO H(A)UNT is a project by Márcio Carvalho.

Designer: Joana Silva

Web developer: BinaryUnit

Texts: Márcio Carvalho, Evgeniya Max

Drawings and stickers: Márcio Carvalho